The beauty of the phalaenopsis orchid.  Perfect for your home or as a gift and comes with a stylish pot.  


The orchids are available in a varitey of colours and patterns which will be florist choice based on what is in season and available at time of order.  If you have a particular preference e.g solid colour, white, pink, etc add it to the Notes. I will try to accommodate if available at the markets, but there is no guarantee.


Value selection (pictured):

  • Small - approx 30cm height including pot
  • Medium - approx 60cm height including pot


- All images are used for inspiration only and do not represent the actual floral product or value size.

Plants - Orchid ($60 - $80)


Please note, 

- There are no returns or refunds. Cancellations to be provided in writing 48 hours prior to delivery date (see T&Cs)

- Prices do not include the delivery fee but are GST inclusive. Delivery to select suburbs (see Delivery Info)




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